This really sucks, how do I get over it?

A month ago my now ex ended our relationship. Her and I never had a connection with someone like we had with each other, we both treated each other the best we've ever been treated, we both had very strong feelings for each other, both could see a future with this, etc etc.

I spent almost every day this year with her and once we started dating I fell for her very very quickly and hard. It was a kind of love I've never felt for a significant other before.
I told her that I love her one night. And things were not instantly weird. But being that she didn't say it back I got scared. I got scared because I felt like my saying that scared her too.

When her and I met at the beginning of the year, she had just gotten out of a two year relationship. We didn't start dating till we had known each other for 4-5 months.

She got really scared and confused when I told her I love her. And ultimately told me that she just wasn't ready to be with someone again. After we broke up she started hanging out with an ex who recently moved closer. They've been friends way longer than they dated but I don't know.
The whole entire thing has had me so sad and confused and scared about ever going into another relationship again. I've had a lot of shitty things happen to me in relationships but I never expected this to happen from this girl that i got to know so well and fall so in love with. Now she's straight up not even talking to me. Still views my social media stories, but won't say anything to me. I hate it. I hate how I'm not worth her time anymore and I don't know why.

I don't really know how to try and get past it. It's only been a month but I still cry about it, I'm still very sad about it, I still hope that she's going to come back. What do i do? It honestly feels like the dating aspect of my life is just over now. I don't think I'll ever feel this way about someone again nor will I find someone like her again. She was perfect.


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  • Try and distract yourself


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