Ex girl is playing games. Why?

Broke up 3 months ago. Went straight into no contact. She didn't see so happy about it and expected me to chase.

she's been on this hot and cold cycle. Friendly one day cold the next. I always kept my distance as we see each other at the gym a lot.

Last Friday, she had her bag next to mind and she kinda commented about me having my shirt off giving a show for everyone. I decided to keep things light for once. I said the show was for her. She said that wasn't very nice in a playfully manner. On top of that, she seemed to chase me quite a bit around the gym.

Tuesday, she becomes super cold. Keeps her distance and still keeps her bag next to mine. Super friendly to everyone but me. Brought my friend in that she had met when we were together and said hi to him.

then I saw her Thursday, and asked me why I never say hi to her. Stares at me throughout the day and stuff. Friday, I look her dead in the eye and tried to say hi and looks away. But she talks to me when I'm so far away busy with something else.

why is she play this game?


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What Girls Said 1

  • A lot of it may depend on how and why you broke up..

    It's obviously still taking time for her to process everything
    I don't think she knows exactly what she wants.. and that's pretty normal right after a break up

    All you can and should do is focus on you and what you want
    If you want to flirt, do it
    If you want to keep it friendly, do it
    If you want to be cold, do it
    Basically just do you

    How she reacts is up to her and you can take things from there

    All the best (: x


What Guys Said 1

  • WoW, it looks kind of scary story but I am amused and She is playing games cuz its in her neural network to do this. Let her complete drama and you will see the results.

    • I don't get what you're saying.

    • Play along with her games and pretty sure, She will give hints or her drama will end with trying to get back together with you.

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