Something my girlfriend said hurt me, am I being too sensitive?

so she said this:

GF: When I used to be lap partners with *name* I used to wonder about how it would be having sex with him, like not cheating, but like his body type is different to yours and I wondered if it would be crazy sex or not

I got really pissed. like I guess that people are entitled to their thoughts and these things happen but to say it to me is a bit weird and specific.

She also said this:

I was with him most the day as we were friends and I think he was into me and I used him for company. I feel bad for him.


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  • No it makes sense that that would upset you :( . You should talk to her about it, but maybe take some time to cool off first because it's possible she didn't know she was being hurtful


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  • I would tell her to keep this type of thoughts in her mind because it would annoy me too, and keep the distance with that guy if he seems interested in her.
    P. S, you may as well want to start keeping a close eye on what is going on between these two.

    • they aren't in contact anymore. they fell out. she said the idea stemmed from her wanting to avoid him. I just thought it was a really weird thing to say to me out of the blue. like it was worded in a odd way.

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  • You should probably try and get over it, she's over stepped something the mark with sharing that with you but at the same time she was honest about it. It would ve pissed me off too to be fair

    • she also revealed that I was the 2nd best she ever slept with and not the first as she has said in the past. I guess a lot of girls would tell their boyfriends that they are the best but to have it revealed you're not in such a casual way hurt me badly

    • she left the apartment and went to bed

    • Oh man that sucks. Was all this during an argument or just a normal conversation?

  • I think you are being oversensitive. I mean if this came out of nowhere, then I suppose it's a bit of an odd topic from your girlfriend, but getting super angry about it just seems like more than a little over the top.


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