Does he maybe feel bad for what he did?

four months ago he broke up with me for such a silly reason it was a fight. we were together for four years and he was really happy too. I blocked him on every social media site. but lately every chance he got, he has tried to make things better. my brother ran into him a month ago and he was acting all sweet and it was like he was trying to get my family to forgive him. we were close family friends so we know each other's families too. he called my mother and talked all sweet with her. then my brother and my dad who by the way totally rejected his efforts of trying to make things ok. and I just hve this feeling that somehow he is keeping an eye on me through social media. I don't know, just have this feeling. so what does he want to do now any guesses?


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  • I don't understand these questions. What do you think he wants?

    • I don't know. I can't even seem to guess as he was the one to ruin it all and now he's trying to make it better.

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    • yeah that's what I've done. you're totally right. exes aren't worth taking back. I've blocked every form of communication from him. I've added his little brother and sometimes I kust get this feeling that that's where he's keepimg an eye on me. I've made it clear to him , his family and mine, that I never want to get back together with him. he's acted immature when breaking up with me for no such reason and now again doing these petty things to get my attention. pathetic

    • You my dear are one of the top 3 most intelligent women I've met on here

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