How do I get over my ex?

So I liked this guy in year 2-4 and then he moved and like last year he came back and I liked him and again and this year we went on a swimming trip and it was awesome! he walked me to lunch ever day and he would watch EVERY race I was in and hug me after and walk me back to the team telling me how great I was and wen we got back he asked me out and I said yes... but the relationship lasted 3 days and its been 2 months since we broke up and I've dated 2 guys and I can't seem to get over him and I haven't talked to him since... how am I gonna get ova him? should I try and get with him? how do I make it un-awkward at training every day? is there any way I can get back at him?


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  • He was there for you and supported you etc, he asked you out and you dated for a short time and then he left. Did he tell you that he was leaving or why you and him were broken up?

    It seems to me that you have no closure on this and dating other guys isn't going to help you. Don't date for a while, but go out and enjoy yourself. The last thing you need is another guy for the moment. It has been 2 months, and he has not contacted you, so that means you need to move on.

    Join a club or group in something you like, go out and meet new people, make new friends. Keep busy and soon he will be just a memory.

    As the old saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day, so take things one step at a time. Just be patient with yourself.

    • Yea... he sent me an email.. on facebook... he didn't tell me y he was braking up with me.. he jst... did... I cried for days and still if anything reminds me of him I hve to struggel to keep it 2gether... I don't understand y! we only dated for 3 days... but I liked him so much.

      thanks for the advice ill try all that :)

    • Thats cos you have feelings for the guy and that is why you are feeling hurt. Well even though you went out with him for only 3 days, you have known him for a lot longer, so he has been around in your life for some time. I do understand it when you say things remind you of him, that's only natural. But as I say, keep busy do other things and have fun and things will become easier

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