He broke it off for this reason but could it be another reason?

Got a text after discussing earlier in the day about going away with each other. He told me it wasn't working because he was going to have his kids More and hours at work changed. How many guys date and have full custody of their kids?


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  • It's understandable. When you date someone with kids, it's important not just how he likes you but how the kids like you also.

    • Never met his kids or FAM. And next month would've been a year

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    • Nervous about what? He has Been having some drama with his kids mom the point where he's was talking about getting full custody. So now he's saying thats what he's going to do and he won't have time to give me

    • He also told me he likes me a lot and was shocked that I liked him back a lot. Even planning that we would still be dealing with each other next year. So I'm lost

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  • Just out of left field?

    • Yes. Last week and the week before he told me how he liked me a lot and he seen us still seeing each other next year. And today we talked about going away for a mini vaca. Then near the end of the day he tells he doesn't think it will work he's not able to give me time like before he's going to have full custody. I was suppose to received a phone call but never heard anything he text me kids an that's it.

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    • I agree, family is huge. Good luck :)

    • Thank u

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