Would you say it's over?

Me and my boyfriend have been talking very little lately. He tells me to go to him with my problems but he doesn't do the same. He said he's been busy. I feel like he doesn't care but he always seems to prove to me that he does. At this point I don't know what to think. I asked him if he wanted to end things and he said that he honestly doesn't but he understands if I want to.


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  • He doesn't go to you about his problems because he probably isn't the type of person to bother others with his problems. It seems to me that he feels like the relationship is going fine, but you don't think the same. You should tell him exactly how you feel and collaborate on a solution that will make your relationship better for both of you

    • I'm not complaining about the relationship I'm happy with it I'm nervous to even go talk to him about things like this.

    • You should feel comfortable talking about practically anything while in a relationship. Its better to get over these hurdles now while the relationship is fairly young than to deal with them later on.

    • True. I just get nervous to ig.

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  • How often do you see him?

    • I don't see him since he moved far away so we pretty much only have text, video call and phone calls but we rare do that. We text a lot until this month in which he's been busy.

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    • Won't*

    • If you never see one another what's the point?

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