Messy breakup.

My girlfriend of almost 2 years just had a messy breakup. I'm 18 and she's 16. I initially ended things because I was unhappy and we fought way too much. We agreed that we would work on ourselves in our time apart. I worked so hard on bettering myself as a person for her, and after 3 weeks she did nothing but stay extremely angry at me, and didn't work on herself at all.

To make a long story short, I found some things that were inappropriate on her facebook, e-mail, etc. (flirting with another guy and I found pictures of this guy without his shirt on her e-mail) during the time we were supposed to be working on "us". She says those pictures were for her friends to "see what he looks like." Why would they care if they're just friends? I don't buy it. And then she completely ended things a week ago so we are no longer "trying", because she said she had enough and was sick of it.

She's been hanging out with this guy ever since we initially broke up and he likes her but she told me she doesn't like him. And she posted a picture on facebook of her and another guy (not sure who it is), directed at me because the caption says something like "i love how people judge me for having a guy best friend." Also, the guy is flipping off the camera, so its like a big "f**k you" directed at me. I think it's immature of her to do that. I fell in love with this girl, and I'm heartbroken. but it doesn't seem like she felt the same by the way she is acting..

So my question is, why do you think she is doing the things that she is doing after our breakup? Why is she hanging out with guys so soon after our breakup and why is she acting like she really doesn't care that we broke up? I just need other people's opinions about her behavior so I can try to understand what's going through her head.


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  • I personally think she's trying to make you jealous, and want to be with her. She seems like the type that wants to be wanted by all men, especially those she can't have. I think she's doing this all to hurt you. If you really don't want to see her again (or if she won't quit rubbing salt in your breakup 'wound') just simply ignore her. Delete her from facebook, ignore any texts/emails, etc.

    Hope I helped :)

    • Thanks for the feedback! every little bit helps

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  • She's not worth it, maybe she's trying to make you jealous. AND one more thing, "Why is she hanging out with guys so soon after our breakup and why is she acting like she really doesn't care that we broke up?" she WAS your girlfriend, she can now do whatever she wants to if she wants to hang out with other guys and do what ever she does then FINE, it is what it is ;) I don't think you should worry about her and what she's doing, she broke up with you and that means she doesn't want to be with you anymore. maan.. just go out, have some fun, meet new people, she's probably trying to get over you.. Owell that's my opinion ! Hope this makes some sense and hope it helps ! xx Birgitta :) Good luck !

  • Bettering yourself? You are who you are, the relationship either works or it doesn't. Its not worth chasing. As far as her flirting, she was single. She can now do whatever she wants to do. I understand that you fell in love with her and you're heartbroken, but now you're only hurting yourself. I think you're reading too much into that picture, too. She's doing the things she's doing because she's over you. She's hanging out with guys so soon because she's over the whole situation, and she's now single, and she can do whatever she wants.


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  • Look,

    You need to ask yourself this...

    "Why the f*** do I care why she's doing what she's doing?"

    Then tell yourself...

    "She doing her thing, she's not into me. She's probably f***ing this guy I see on Facebook. I don't need this sh*t, I'm going to live MY life."

    I know you have a lot of questions. But you have to understand that this girl DOES NOT GIVE A F***

    She wanted a seperation because she wanted to breakup with you. Plain and simple. She wants to do her thing, and you can't stop her.

    Again, I know you have a lot of questions, but those questions (and its answers) and irrelivent to you becoming happy.

    Work on moving on...


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