Why did you leave your s/o if you still love them?

How did you deal with it post break up?
Caught him cheating and he wasn't putting any effort in our relationship.
the cheater came back crawling asking for another chance but I wasn't having any of it. The other didn't gaf. Good riddance lol


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  • Abuse.

    • wow. what kind

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    • I hardly went back to her

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  • Broke up with my first serious girlfriend (high school sweethearts, three years together) because I realized there was no way our lives would stay on the same path, and that I was no longer fulfilled by the relationship, and neither was she.

    The shit sucked.

    • No longer fulfilled meaning? How did you get over her? or dealt with it post breakup

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    • Yeah. Bit of a Rollercoaster. But it formed me into the person I am now. Coming up on almost a year clean.

    • That's good. Keep it up

  • Never contact her from day one. or ever reminded myself of any good/bad thing we did

    • what was the reason?

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    • wt actual f. you sent her money and she spent it on the other guy. how dare she? oh wow, she def don't deserve any chances ever. actually getting over someone who cheated on me is easier than just breaking up for other reasons. I lose my respect easily to cheaters and I never ever look back. I get numb and he becomes a memory. I remember his name but not the feeling when I was still his girl.

    • After the break up, the following day her friend called me and ask me what is going on and i said what do you mean, she said that on her (my ex) facebook, she changed the relationship status that she is inlove with someone else, not that guy cheated with, someone else from the same place (home). well i said i have no idea since i dont have facebook but good luck with her and her friend said she preferred me to date her because this guys they only want what under her pants. well she is grown up, i am sure she can make that decision

  • Caught her cheating.
    I disengaged and ignored.


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  • I've never broke up with anyone, they've always broke up with my. My first boyfriend broke up with me because he met someone else and decided he wanted to be with her instead. My second left me because he believed a known liar over me. My third broke up with me because he decided to go back to his abusive ex.

    • awww their loss not yours hun. abusive ex? lol wow he gotta go

    • Thank You, yeah he was a bit silly to go back but they broke up a little while after and he tried coming back into my life when I had moved on. I politely told him where to go haha

    • toxic relationships never work. you certainly do not want to get involved with toxic people too. good for you :)

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