Is she still interested?

Searching for some clarity. We were college sweethearts together for 3 years before breaking up when I moved away. Shorly after the breakup, she got into a new relationship which resulted in us not talking. After a few years of silence, we saw each other at a friend’s get-together one weekend. It was obvious she’d kept tabs on my life - knew the relationship I just had, some trips I’d gone on, and so forth. She mentioned, too, that she’d had no luck dating, referring to me ‘setting the bar too high’. She then said seeing me was the highlight of the weekend, suggested we become friends again on social media, and have since maintained contact maybe every couple weeks. Most of the time, though, it is me initiating conversation. I'm returning in a few months for a trip with friends, and she suggested if I'm around that we all meet up. When I explained our plans and offered her to join, she said she'd love to if it works out. Is she interested, or just being friendly?


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  • yes she is. if she is updated on your life and is opening up to you about her dating life like she is single, she is telling you she is free to date you again.

    • Thanks. Why wouldn't she try initiating conversations, though?

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    • I was still in a relationship when she told me she was single and not having any luck dating. That relationship has since ended. I do try and initiate conversation, but her replies can be anywhere from 5 minutes to hours, and whenever I've brought up our past or some memories, she has more or less just brushed it off. I just find myself uncertain of her feelings or if she's just being nice about being in each other's lives again.

    • Don't try to rush to jumping into a relationship again with her. Right now just try to avoid talking about your past relationship unless she brings it up. And don't initiate conversation unless she starts it. Let her wonder about you too like how you're wondering about her right now. let her warm up to you. You don't want to go back to how you guys were that led to your breakup.

  • It sounds like she wants you to know that she's available.

    • I thought the same thing, but whenever I have initiated conversations, it's been delayed replies and comments about the past seem to be brushed aside. I feel like there's been a number of times for her to reach out about something going on in my life, but she never does. Even when I mention something happening or coming up, I'd feel like if she were really interested, she'd follow up and ask how it went or whatever. I'm just not sure what else to do aside from initiate conversations.

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