What if Girl doesn't want love?

What if you meet a girl, and you love her...

She rejects you...

But you have so much love that you wanted to give her...

It's such a waste, And I'll never love another girl again in my life.

Why doesn't she want my love?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Then she doesn't want it. You can't force love on anyone.

    • That's sad

    • Maybe so, but it's better to accept it straight away because trying to force things are just going to make things worse.

    • Yeah, and now she is dating another guy and that's all I can think about

Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe, just maybe she doesn't love you. Maybe.

    • She loves a guy, that doesn't love her... I think...

      It just sucks

    • Yeah. I feel ya bro

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  • leave her alone


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