Why does ex keep asking me if he should delete my number?

Dated this guy for 8 months. Broke up with him because he sexually pressured/assaulted, lied, and disrespected me. I told him he hurt me and he last said he would keep his distance so he wouldn't hurt me anymore. Haven't talked to him in 8 weeks. Saw him with a new girl at a concert. He saw me and gave me the cold shoulder.
Last Friday, he texted me "hey how are you" i didn't respond. Then i posted a selfie on my Snapchat story which he saw and then he was like, "Should I just delete your # since I don't get a reply?" I didn't respond. And now today he was like, "If you got the message just type yes and I'll delete your #."
Wtf.. if he wants to delete my # then he should go ahead. I'm not stopping him. Why is he even telling me.


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  • Isn't it obvious? He's trying to bait you into pitying him.


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