What do I do I been with my boyfriend bout 8 months now and about one month ago I found out he was cheating on me. I forgave him well kinda. I always fight with him about that I can't get over that. I tried breaking up with him but every time I do it I feel so depress I really do love him and he says he loves me too and he is not going to lose me over what he did. he says he is sorry and he was dumb for what he did and won't ever do it again. Should I give him another chance and try to work things out or should I just end it now? What do I do I need help?


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  • Go to bookshop, Buy the following book: "he's just not that into you", Read said book / spend more time with your friends or indulging I your hobbies to rebuild you self esteem a little, see how you feel when you have finished the book.

    I think people cheat because they want to cheat and I don't think you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who wanted to put his penis into someone else, knew it would hurt you and chose to do it anyway.

    But most people do stay so maybe I am wrong, I just know that when I think of the truth of it, the real truth... the "every second, every movement was a betrayal" truth of cheating I know I couldn't live with it without being really angry deep down and having a toxic relationship.

    You have left before but found it hard, it is hard and I have no doubt you have strong feelings for him. But you are young and there are so many great guys out there who you could feel even more for and who have not betrayed your trust so fully.

    If he wussed out now, how easily is he going to slip later on in life when thigns are actually hard? You deserve to be with someone who would never want to put these doubts in your head, Cause when someone is truly into you they do not do things which risk the relationship.

    He was willing to risk it so, deep down his instinct is not "with" you. Your instinct is to be "with" him. There is someone out there who you can have this with, equally.


  • MOVE ON, I'm sure you can find someone who respects you

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