Going Back on MY Word?

I recently made this wonderful decision not to get into a deep relationship. But I met this guy who is brilliant, athletic, a gentleman, not to mention GORGEOUS. Any girl would die to have him, but I have that chance. What do I do? Do I let him slip away and stay true to my word? Or do I pursue him and find out what he has to offer? HELP ME PLEASE!


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  • why don't you just get into a lightweight relationship...

    • How do you do that? and what does that mean?

    • Its just like you guys are seeing each other but don't necessarily need to keep check on each other or see or even talk every day, but at the same time you definitely have a thing

    • Oh. I never had one of those... How convenient.... Good advice! Thanks!

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  • The wonderful thing about promises we make to ourselves, is that having a meeting to talk it over is easy to set up.

    Here is the litmus test for your question.

    Are you going to end up wishing you had?

  • persue him. Ofcourse. We make such decision in order to have our lives in a better position. but f something wonderful comes our way that enriches our lives and can lead to a wonderful thing. It would be stupid to let it go..

    Good luck


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