He said that he misses me but yet he broke up with me?

So, my boyfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago & I could tell he wanted to do it for a couple of weeks now. Mainly because we haven't seen each other for 2 weeks, plus it's summer vacation, because the last time we hung out, we went to the park. I only hung out with him a few times & he went to my house once this entire vacation because my parents don't really want me to hang out with him that much.

Before he broke up with me, he wasn't texting me for almost a week, & then he texted me here & there, but we never had a real conversation the last couple of weeks. He's busy with his soccer & I'm busy with looking through college things. The day before the break up, he said that he "really misses me so much & that he'll find time to text me." The next day, he needed to talk to me & then he said that he needed to redeem himself, be himself again & that he wanted the relationship to end. I asked him "Is this all because you miss me?" And then he just replied with a "Yes."

I asked him if he felt any feelings towards me & he said that "He was loosing feelings for me" but I don't understand how he said that he misses me yet he said he was loosing his feelings towards me & he wanted to end our 1 year & a half relationship. Keep in mind we haven't seen each other 2 weeks prior & also that I barely get to hang out with him except during school time.

We had almost the same argument a month before, but that time he got angry because we couldn't hang out that first week of vacation because I wasn't feeling well & he ignored me for 5 days. We made up & hung out afterwards. But I don't know now. Is this his way of telling me he misses me? I need help. School starts in a week for me & I'm doing the "no contact" period, which today is the second day.

Thank you for reading this & if you can clear this up for me, thank you.


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  • It was just another lie


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