How should I get back into contact?

I had been casually dating a guy, however we stopped seeing each other six months ago. I contacted him a week after to meet up because I was feeling confused (however we didn't end up meeting) and then texted him two weeks after that telling him that his favorite band was going to be playing soon. Both times he responded, but ended the conversation first. We haven't talked since. I am wanting to get back in contact and was thinking of texting him or dropping by at one of his fraternity parties on a friendly basis (not sure if that is too forward though.) Which way do you guys think is better? If texting is better, what should I say? I was thinking about suggesting meeting up for coffee or going to an event? If so, should that be mentioned soon, or gradually build up to it? Ideally, I'd like more time to get back in contact (later in September or October), however am not sure with time being on my side.


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  • Did you just quit talking?

    • We stopped talking five months ago, so it has been a while not being in contact

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    • Anytime! Good luck with everything :)

    • Thank you!!

  • But I don't think he wants to hear from you...


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