ok, being completely transparent this is about a two girl relationship. Last time I posted everyone assumed it was a guy which I understand but it's not. Okay. So me and my ex haven't talked in OVER a year. We still have each other on social media but when we split it was like we had to stay away. Anyways last night she looked at my Snapchat story and just said hey. I was shocked so I was like hey? And we talked. She was telling me about her girlfriend making her cry and that was that. I just don't know what to think or make of it. Like this is the love of my life and I just moved on but now she has me thinking about her again. I don't know what to think about this. I'm just confused.


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  • She could be one human being reaching out to another human being she once shared a close bond with for comfort. Maybe she wants to rekindle the relationship. Maybe she wants closer from the past, who knows.

    What you need to do if analyze the situation, evaluate if you think she has changed, make a decision, do you wanna keep her as a friend, a causal relation, or recommit to something serious. you need to draw the lines now, or your confusion will only get worse.

  • You know, I don't see how it matters if people who reply think that it's a guy. The answers really don't change unless you're talking about really specific anatomy issues and even then, I'm having trouble imagining a relationship-related question where that would actually matter.

    So here's the thing... you two are young which means that you guys are dramatic and what not. However, the truth is that you two are at a point in your lives where you have more romantic options than you'll ever have again. Rather than let this person reel you back in, I think you should try dating other people and moving on. You're talking about a relationship that ended over a year ago. Maybe you two can start something up again and it would actually be healthy, but I think it's more likely that you two will just end up in some sort of on/off cycle that won't be good for either for you.


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