Is he using me to forget his ex😔?

I am terrified of starting a relationship with this guy because of previous bad relationships I had and because of his ex. I met him 3 months ago and he had breakup with his ex just 3 weeks before (I found out , he didn't tell me that). We have been talking every day since then and we have seen each other 3 times in those 3 months. He even met my mom once he came to my home (he wanted to meet them and I agreed). He is super cool and handsome and his ex is too , they had a beautiful and long relationship and from the little I know things didn't end up very good between the two. By the way , they are on the same school. I , on the other side, am not very good looking like them and is very hard for me to keep a conversation and be interesting because of my fear of talking to much about me and that becoming a way for people to hurt me (has happen multiple times). I really do not want to be used I know the feeling already and I don't think I can handle that pain again.
What do you think? What should I do? πŸ˜”
Is he using me to forget his ex😔?
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