She won't let me talk to her even though she is devastated when I asked her friend's name?

ugh.. The moderator took down this posting even though everyone's OK with it why I don't know?.. So if you need more information let me know.

She's really nice and flirtatious but when I try to talk to her she cuts me off. What do I do? Her friend tried to hook up with me and she got all devastated she looked so depressed I tried to tell her I'm entrusted in her and lets hook up. But all she wanted to do is act all love sick for over three weeks and cut me off so I couldn't talk to her. Why?


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  • read "lets just be friends" in my profile

    • I originally was into her freind. But she cried my name out to me. Why? She would wave and not stop. She would lust and look at my crotch. Ever since I wanted her freind I've had problems. I would gladly move on but it was her begging me that hooked me. So should I blow her off? Yesterday I glarred at her since she leads me in...

    • Why waste time on her? she is draining your energy, there are plenty of better girls than her that won't act this way so just move on

  • She just isn't that into you

    • Then why did she act all love sick and desparate? Why does she drop everything and say hi or bye no matter who she's with?

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