Broke up with 😑? because I told him I dont feel he able to be emotionally stable for me because I have lost so many n so many period of times?

i told him im not sure if he can be n give me what my heart needs right now because he let his past relationship put a guard on how mucj love n although I've been hurt i still love as if its my first time loving again just smarter.. than i did b4 learning from my mistakes but not holding my new lover accountable for my past hurt. he told me he dont wanna leave n let me go but ita best if we stop amd i find some one that can give me they all right now? Why? 😣


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  • You said he can't give you what you want, in essence. And now you're mad because he left you? You need a life check, you basically said he was inadequate, so he's letting you go somebody more along your wavelength.

    • but thats not what i meant n i really feel that is how he felt because i always tell him i dont need him for financial reason so he feel i take away the masculinity for him.. he doesn't says it tho.. he told me im to good for his money but i like to cater to him n show him im good with or with out u.. what should i do i dont want to leave he doesn't either but idk?

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  • Don't be so quick to dump this guy. He will probably grow to love you the way you need him to.


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