Is it too late for no contact rule?

Long story short I dated this girl for 2 years all the way through high school into college. I went away to play baseball for my dream school and came back because i missed her so much. Essentially one day we got into a small argument on our 2 year anniversary. After that she broke up with me. She's a very independent girl and she always is trying to be older than she is. With all of that said I love her to death and would do anything for her. It's been about 3 months since we broke up and almost every day I've begged her and even wrote her a letter of apology. Her problems with me included I was immature, I wasn't serious about my future etc. with all of that said, I have made serious gains and lengths to improve myself in school and in life. I keep trying to tell her what I've done and I'm convinced she thinks I'm playing around. She's not the type to go get another guy right away to piss me off or make me mad. I think she's really focused on her career now (she's a hair stylist). During these months of arguring, she has trying to make me really mad so I would say something in retaliation, giving her more fuel for why she couldn't be with me. It got so bad I'm blocked on all social media and text. With all of that said, I love her a lot. I know she cares about me and all she's trying to do is create ways for her to forget about me. Is it too late for no contact? I still feel like we could work but I'm not sure. How do I win her back?


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  • you don't win her back. let her go or she nigh get a restraining order.


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