Was I wrong by trying to get him to listen?

So on Friday I confronted my boyfriend on how he doesn't spend time with me anymore and how he tells me to go away when his friends come over... The whole point of the conversation was to ask him to take our relationship seriously... if he isn't with his friends or family members , he will be busy working... We are in a long distance relationship so communication and frequent visits are important... So I confronted him through the phone... He started talking while I was talking so I started using vulgar words such as bullshit to get his attention... I even raised my voice... so now he broke up with me because he says that I disrespected him. by using bad words and raising my voice at him... he even qouted the bible on how a woman should respect a men... He blocked me on all social media... his explanation to why he hasn't been giving me any attention is that things are hard where he is , that he is trying to work hard so that we can spend Christmas together... tbh I understand that part... but why would he throw away everything we built over 3 years of dating... he would put me on hold when his friends call...
The thing that triggered me to confront him is the fact that he answered his female friend's call while we were on a video call... he made me watch him while he talks to her in a language that I don't even understand...
Tbh I love this guy and I can't stop thinking about him... the funny thing is that he didn't block me on Facebook so should I reach out to try and get him to take me back? Or should I. let go?


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What Guys Said 1

  • U made a mistake by talking like that. It has been 3 years since u guys r dating. If there is any feelings in this relationship, u can go for it. 3 years is very long and u don't even get another chance to know a person like this.
    If u really like him and if u already knew that u have talked badly then u can contact him once more and make everything right. He will be checking ur status in FB and other social medias for sure and that's y he didn't blocked u. So, go on and make everything right. Its not over yet.


What Girls Said 1

  • Can't you see he's treating you like a doormat and you're letting him? He's selfish, manipulative, rude, disrespectful and doesn't give a shit what you think. In fact, he's ashamed of you. Let him go - you'll be sorry if you don't because he will become a full-time abuser. You'll get over him. I promise. Go and find someone who will love you for who and what you are.


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