How can I let a shy guy know that I like him?

I found a summer job almost a month ago now, and there's this guy working at the same place as me that I like.

I'm not saying this to praise myself but I'm quite popular among the other guys, in this new place I work at. I mean I've heard some stuff, about some of them but not from him. I don't know anything about him, since we'd never talk, he seems to be shy..and so am I.

The first time we talk was 2 days ago and we didn't have a long conversation or anything because I was working. And we don't have the same schedules, I work in the morning and him late afternoon so I can't get I chance to talk to him or anything.

I'd like to let him know that I like him, but I get kind of awkward when it comes to that kind of stuff, I never had a crush on a shy guy before, so I never had to do all the work, when it comes to first approach. I don’t want to offense him or have him get the wrong idea about me, taking me for some easy girl.

Plus things are being a little tougher since I think that 2 of the guys he gets along with pretty well, seem to like me. One of them tried to ask for my number, but didn’t get it in the end. And I heard that the other keeps talking about me to some other people that work with us.

Are my chances ruined? How should I get him do the first move or let him know that I’m interested without “scaring” him?

PS: Excuse my English…French is my mother tongue and I’m not confident when it comes to writing in another language. Hope it was a bit understandable LOL


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  • I've been a 'shy guy' most of my life. And if women refuse to die outright, then I would at least want them to leave me the f*** alone until I'm good and ready to come out of my shell.

    • I'm not sure if I understood...what do you mean by "women refuse to die outright"?

      I don't get that part

    • For me, a tolerable life is one where even I'm not alive. Failing that, I dream of a world with so few people, that I do not despair of them. But, women are not only people, but they help create even more people. The world of women and reproduction is therefore a very sordid, questionable one. I just want to be able to ~breathe~ again.

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  • Most shy guys aren't going to make a move unless you give them a pretty clear cut sign that you're interested. Don't worry about "scaring" him. If you're as attractive as you say you are, he will be flattered, even if he turns you down.

    • Yea I know but what kind of clear sign would seem OK for a shy person to not feel offended, or that wouldn't make me look easy, or something. Because I want him to know but not misunderstand.

      I've had that kind of issues before, the only few times I tried to make the first move I was misunderstood...i guess I'm no good at it.

    • Would you be "offended" if an attractive guy started talking to you? Don't worry too much about looking like an "easy" girl. As long as you're not actually easy, it doesn't really matter. Honestly, there's really nothing you can do (aside from just telling him) that won't come off as a little easy, but who cares? Play with your hair a bit, lick your lip a little while he's talking, giggle a lot, touch his arm a bit. All of these are hot and would let me know you're interested.

  • Just like everyone else , guys are scared of rejection . Slowly warm up to him by paying attention to him. Go out of your way to interact with him and you will definitely tell if he is interested.

  • How do you know he's shy? Tell me how you can tell he's shy?


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