Me and my girlfriend took a break after 4 years... ( complicated ) ?

We been together for 4 years and everything was perfect... we never had any big fights not even once ofc it was not all shiny and rainbows but close..

Lont story short...

1 days after 4 years she said she need some time and she tell me that she is bisexual... and after those 4 years I also add a lot going on with my school + work and I was not sure if I was still in love with her or because she was a very good girl and i could not possibly find a other girl like her.

So we aggreed to take some time off just to clear her heads to see wath we really want

Now... its been 4 months since we took the break and I realise that i really love her and i coule not possibly live my life with out her so i text her and we aggreed to take a coffee

Now its getting complicated and I don't know what to do

So I told her everything that in the 4 months that i spend that i find out that i really love her and that i reallt want to work it out and everything BUT she looj at me and said FUCK... if you would of told me that 2 weeks ago i would off have no problems but now... i met a girl... and bla bla bla

So now she is again thinking if she want ro work on us or she start something new with the girl she just met...

Im so confuse and I don't know what to do at all... i mean i really love her but this is out of mt league... she is pretty much thinling to go with a girl or go with me

I text her yesterdays to take her time and if she neef anythong to text me and i give her time to think what she really wants..

I need help... I don't know what to do...


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  • To me; a break is a break up. And while you've been broken up she has found part of herself and explored that, to potentially find love with someone else.
    This is new for her... if she has feelings for someone else and her options have broadened significantly to now include women what are the chances she will ignore all of that and come back to the familiar relationship you both decided to end when there is so much unknown outside of that?
    A relationship doesn't continue when there is no effort and investment... i can't really see any way that this is going to end the way you want it to


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