Caring for her even if she found someone new?

I want to know if that's something you can do, I'm doing it right now. It was the in3 that got away, I'm hoping for her to have the best one. There is no more hope in me to get her back, I just want the best for her. Is that okay? Or am I just making an excuse not to move on.


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  • Its totally okay i understand what you are going through, you love her enough to let her go if it means she's happy

    • Samantha you I believe that if you could just forget someone then you really didn't love them. I think it's impossible and I don't know hows some people do it. It's been two years now. But yeah, I always wish her the best.

    • I never said id forget them only that id let them go if it means they would be happier

Most Helpful Guy

  • if you truly cared when you were with her but things didn't workout and things ended on good terms.. you should want nothing but the best for her, hope her life is everything she'd like it to be.. doesn't mean you have to stay friends if you don't want to or she doesn't want to.. it's not an excuse.. it's a kind gesture because just like her.. you'll find another as well and who knows where that will go

    • I know man, I tried going out there buddy. There's just things you looked for in a girl that's just hard to find. Now a days I guess. Thank you

    • But I accept what is. I have faith in her that she'll do fine. I just want her to be happy.

    • I understand. You'll find someone.. from what you've said you seem to be a good person.. in time things will come.

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  • Yes excuses. Let her go and wish her the best and for you.


What Guys Said 1

  • yes totally an excuse...

    just fix one thing in your mind

    she can get food for herself
    she can do all her things herself

    there is nothing special you can do right
    and will not get any credit or appreciation for your help

    there are 7 billion people who survive on this planet
    she can do the same...

    time to move on

    and you ll be fine


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