Sudden Cutting Off?

So I was dating this girl online. After about a week, she started getting distant, saying things like "I'm too f*cked up for a relationship." But insisting she wasn't leaving. Then, she started ignoring my texts and calls. Its been 2 weeks and she hasn't said a thing. What would be someone's motivation for doing something like that?


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  • Sometimes people realize things about themselves when they start dating and they find out they're not ready for a relationship at that time. You just have to accept that and move on.

    • I understand that but if that was the issue I wish she would of vocalized it rather than just cutting me off...

    • You're young. This is the time when you learn how to do that and that you *should* do that. People don't just know unfortunately.

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  • You might be too f*cked up


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