Does wifes who had too many exes and tried every stuff with all of them and enjoyed with them , think of them and compare them while with husband?


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  • If she does, her husband probably compares favorably, otherwise she wouldn't have married him.

    • But people do marry for provider and finances so it can't be taken as that

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    • In fact its oposite. There they would enjoy spilling their oats with anyone they find in the road and after getting bored n age they decide to settle with financially rich one so that her materialistic wishes are metnow after the physical wishes were met with her exes. N here tjey may not even offer vanilla sex to the husband n he has to suck it up coz he's her husband n he got her in the end even tough others got more

    • I guess you shouldn't marry someone if you can't trust that they love you.

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