Is she trying to rekindle something or trying to "friend-zone" me?

My ex suddenly broke up with me 2 mos ago after a 1yr relationship. Tried to instantly friend zone me because she "loves talking to me". I told her I need time to heal before I consider such a thing. Wanted me to go to a concert with her 4 days after the Breakup I texted her no. She has since texted me several times. She texted me after a few days, after about 2 weeks, and at 3 1/2 weeks. Each time I politely text her that I'm not ready.
She invited me to a dinner party at 3 1/2 weeks-I turned her down. She says she understands I need time and that she will leave me alone till I'm ready. She waited exactly a month (making it 2 mos since BU) and invited me to theater. I accepted this time, primarily because I'm curious. A female friend says she thinks that the ex girlfriend believes she made a mistake and wants to reverse it. She also says I apparently didn't act the way the ex girlfriend thought I would because my response was to instantly decline all contact.
This weekend, when we meet for theater, will be the first time we've seen each other or verbally spoken since the breakup. My QUESTIONS are:
(1) is she reconsidering/regretting the break up and
(2) possibly trying to reverse it or
(3) is she just trying to friend zone me.
I do not understand why she would be so persistent if she only wants a friendship


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  • She probably wants more than a friendship bro


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