Am I doing the right thing by leaving the relationship?

I love my kids father &I I've never been perfect but everytime we fight he calls me hoe etc then takes it back and begs for me back. I feel like he's always judging me or trying to bring me down. Plus I feel like he doesn't trust me. He claims I got "over him" quick because I took down my relationship status. Wen the other day I seen him add 20 girls on his FB after the breakup. Claiming he was gana ask me for 1 more chance. I don't understand why he claims he loves me but treats me the way he does & claim I never loved him.


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  • ok simple u can't get anything else so u attempts fails n comes back to you make him understand that if he say one single word then that's it then leave him give him a last chance and record him agreeing to your term don't tell him. about the recording


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