Was he being protective? Why will he stand between us facing his back and blocking this guy his view towards me?

Very long story between me and this guy.
Recently he has been acting distant from me. From the moment my older friend who is 60 asked him what was going on between us.

When I say distant he doesn't sit around with or with me and talk like he used to. But anyways, today as I get on my bus to head back home. I got on the one he works on.
This guy who kept walking back and forth, sat on the other side of me and start talking too me. So this guy the one that has kept his distance from me (let call him Sam) he looked over to me and we made eye contact.
He walks towards the aisle between my seat and the random guy's seat and stands there facin towards me and blocking the guy's view. As Sam is just standing there he looks down at me and starts talking. He sit across from me and we talk. Then the random guy stood up and walked away. Sam was like "that fucking dude keeps walking around, I sat with you so he could leave you alone".
Was he being protective? And why will he keep ignoring me after my friend who is 60 asked him such questions.


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  • he was being protective


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