I was drunk-texting my ex and now feel ashamed, should I say sorry to him?

So I drunk-texted my ex "miss you" and I'm scared af to open his chat. I don't wanna admit to him that I was drunk but still do I have to say sorry for missing him?

Ps. I'm not reading his chat yet.
Welp he said "me too"


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  • No i feel you shouldn't say sorry because yaar it happens and it happens with everyone, we miss people who are our ex not because we want them back but it's because of good memory of them with us


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  • Simple! Say that you were with a cousin or a friend and he/she took your phone (without you realising it) and texted your ex just for fun!😁

    • Is it a bad move? I mean he'll assume that I'm playing with him

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    • @yoitsmebro yeah you are right... All men are good but they don't all show it.. they don't show it not because they are shy.. but because they don't want to

    • It won't make us happy to bend backwards

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