How am I suppose to forget my crush?

I am in love with a guy for one year but i came to a conclusion that he is a fuck boy and he will never feel the same as i feel about him! I tried all those "find another guy" and stuff but it didn't work because simply when I chat or meet other guys I never have that feeling of LOVE like my heart is melting and shit (sorry that i'm talking in this way it's just i don't like these weak love emotions because i'm sick of loving him and never getting him out of my head).. I even had a relationship with a guy I got really close (let's call him the 'guy2') in order to forget my crush but it ended up breaking up with the guy2 and hurting him...

So the question is... How am I suppose to forget my crush?


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  • Can you explain to me why you would say he is a fuckboy? (Just want to know so I don't become one)

    • It's been one year that i like him and ever since he likes me, then changes his mind.. likes another girl and another girl.. and then again me.. he makes me believe that he truly likes me and then he happens to find a girlfriend. He plays the "sweet" guy to me and he makes fun of me behind my back. And during this one year i like him.. he probably changed about 20 girls that he liked. Do you understand now?

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    • I guess so.. That's easiest way to say it.

    • Well be with the one who makes you forget about the other.. if that doesn't work then be with the one who literally makes you FEEL something.. the need to be with her.. let me know if that helped you

  • Just remember he's a fuck boy!


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