Do guys ever wish to be second boyfriends to a girl?

a certain guy corned me and I told him I had a boy friend he disappeared but now he is back and insisting that at least he can be my second boyfriend although I don't pay lots of attention to him he does not care he just wants me to accept and be his girlfriend, is it normal which guy likes sharing a girlfriend with another person?


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  • Second boyfriend? No thanks...

    I would settle for best friends, though. Depending on how you're willing to treat me.

    Having gone 23 years without so much as kissing a girl, I'm quite used to being just friends with a girl. Thus, if a potential crush isn't interested in going out with me, but likes me enough to treat me like a close friend, I wouldn't mind being with her just as a friend.

    Few girls can do that, though. So chances are slim I'd stick around a girl after she tells me she's with someone else.


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  • No self respecting guy would want sloppy seconds.

  • I wouldn't want that. He probably wants to be there as a rebound if he can.


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