Tired of trying, who thinks it's ok to throw in the towel?

I'm married, my wife is having an emotional affair. She claims that she can't understand why it would bother me the way it does.

Now I'm ready to find someone who I can share my thoughts and ideas with. I just want to have that connection that I used to have with my wife, but as I know it won't happen with her I've elected to find someone new.

Is this actually cheating, as she doesn't see how it hurts me I assume it won't hurt her?


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  • As far as I'm concerned it's cheating. Your best bet is to leave your wife if you can't repair things, then move on. No need to hurt someone else

    • That's how I have always felt as well. I feel a bit like a dinosaur when it comes into morality - I don't feel cut out for today's world.

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    • Thanks for your positivity

    • Absolutely! I feel the same way :)

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