I think I messed it up?

I was video calling my boyfriend he was texting me all day how much he wants me I was in the mood he was in the mood it was great then he was talking about s girl in his fantasies he said do u want her tiny butt to sit on ur face so I stopped rubbing and told him I never thought u were into tiny butts u should've told me that he said no I just saying I just wanted to know BC I always felt something was off about my butt he always ur boobs r perfect they r the best in the wold but he never talks about my butt and tbh I have a huge butt I'm just scared he is not into big butts and he doesn't want it I told him I could work out really hard and lose it if u like tiny ones he said no I'm scared u would lose ur boobs he didn't say a thing about my butt does he really hate them he kept denying I told him never mind let's go back I'm really wet he started yawning and said I want to sleep now I love u goodnight I just feel bad for ruining his mood how can I fix it and does he really likes tiny butts?


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  • First of all you need to realize that this guy does not deserve you not matter how attractive he may seem to you. You seem to be trying to please him too much. A guy should never make a girl feel like they need to change something for them to satisy their desire. A real boyfriend should be grateful to have you and love you just the way you are.

    • He doesn't want me to change he says it's great but I feel other things on his voice like when he says ur boobs r perfect I feel the lust its not him ts me I over thought about it I should be happy with the love we have

    • Ok if you think the love is there then everything should be ok. Maybe next time when y'all are not in the mood, tell him how you feel about this problem that way the problem want keep messing with your head. Remember being honest in a relationship produces progression to better experiences.

  • It dosnt matter If its he's preference or not it shouldn't change the fact he likes you for you , dont overthink it much but he's abit petty if he's not attracted to you if you don't have a preference and just know he's likes you for you not what your body looks like

    • U r right its enough he loves me for me I just want to be all he desires

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    • He won't he might just ask and I would say no that's it

    • Thats what i mean thats him tring haha

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  • Damn you really went on a rabbit trail and overthought this way too much

    • Ik he always made me feel he doesn't want it enough and yeah I go crazy aloof sometimes

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    • Honey women rarely have the perfect body. Like 1% of us do, and they are professional models whose livelihood depends on being perfect. The rest of us have to own our imperfections and work with it the best we can.
      Secondly, if you don't want to know the answer to a question don't ask. You asked about your behind, he answered, and you let it into your head. Only you can let this go and move on. He's not into you for you bottom he's into you for you

    • thank u really I don't want to be perfect I just want to be perfect for him and yes I asked questions I didn't want him to answer I just want to be what he desires physically and I think u r right I should be happy he loves me for me

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