Being upfront but wanting to not look like an ass? I've seen this girl on and off a couple times and I want to just come out and tell her my true intentions are to make something more than just friends out of it. I want to beat the clock on jumping down the "friend-zone" hole to oblivion.

I don't have a problem with communicating my feelings for her and walking away form her all together if nothing comes of it. However, my issue is that she's such a nice person in general and doesn't deserve to feel like she's losing a person close to her. I would hate to hurt her feelings but If it has to be done it has to be...

My question is this: What's the best approach possible to display your intentions/feelings to a girl but if she says no how can I let her down easily when I pretty much tell her its going to be all or nothing?


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  • It seems like you know how it's going to end up, nobody does well with ultimatums. the longer you wait the harder it will be.(in more ways than one.) Don't let yourself be to vulnerable but don't be impatient. I think if she is in to you, you will know -just take it slow...things will develop or they won't and nobody will get hurt. ps. always heard it helps to beat it first, your mind will be more clear, maybe you don't even like her.

    • not too worried about being clear headed with her. I'm pretty relaxed around her as it is. But point taken haha. I've been thrown into that friend zone before and it sucks not ever knowing if something couldve happened before that point. I know surely enough in time it will get there. I just don't want to hurt her feelings by putting it all on the line but that's how I figure its gonna go...and I do like her =P

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