I can't let go of him :(


How do I let go of someone

who I like a lot

and I think he likes me back

but he's going away to the army now for a year

and I'm thinking he doesn't want to wait for me duh and

hes prob gonna hook up with girls there

because Norwegian girls in the army are known to be sluts..

and we have been dating since April..and he just moved all the suddenly and I didn't get to see him to say goodbye and I'm all sad because I have to let go of him but HOW? :(


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  • Maybe he's afraid he won't survive the slutty Norwegian girls, thus not wanting to hurt you he didn't say anything.

    Maybe he's on a top secret assignment and wasn't allowed to call anyone or say anything.

    There can be all sorts of reasons why he didn't call, you can just wait on a phone of him what else can you (harass the army to get his number there), but in the mean time pick yourself back up and live your life, because he should be the one being sad, for giving you up so easily.

  • Not sure I get the part about the Norwegian girls. Do you live in Norway?

    If he left without saying good-bye, that is terrible. Dump him.

    • Well we planned to see each other but than we didnt..and he keeps tlkin to me so wouldn't that show he still likes me ?

      yes I do live in norway.

    • Yes, I think he still likes you. Is there any chance you can see him during the upcomong year? You have to ask if he's worth waiting for.

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