Someone please help?

Ahhh I didn't know which topic to put this under so this'll do.
Heya guys, so my ex and I broke up in January but we remained very close friends, every time we'd hang out it was basically like we were still dating.
As of last month, we completely stopped talking unless we had too due to everyone having an opinion of our friendship. Recently I heard he had been spreading rumours about me so I confronted I'm about them, he completely lied to me the first time I asked so I asked him again a few weeks later and he told me the truth about him spreading lies.
Last night, we saw each other, completely accidentally and and we ended up talking for a little bit but a little while later he ended up hugging me and started apologising for everything. We ended up laying down and continued talking, he told me he only didn't tell me the truth because he didn't want to hurt me. Our conversation took a weird turn and we ended up talking about when we were together, he told me he missed me and my hugs, he missed having me around. After that, he kept pulling me closer to him and leaning in, as if he was leaning toward a kiss, he kept giving me that kiss look and everyone noticed it.
What does this mean? And what should I do? For the past month he has completely ignored important messages and taken advantage of my feelings and how much I still care so I'm super confused on what I should do but I know I still care about him regardless of the rumours and ignorance. We've had more good times together than we have bad so any advice would be muchly appreciated. 💗💗😊


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