Was I right to dump him?

This guy and I had been dating exclusively for little over a month. The first time we had sex was one week ago and he called me by his ex's name. He says he only did that because ever since he broke up with her he hadn't reached that level of physical and emotional intimacy with anyone else. Ok fair enough, I'm not mad anymore, things are back to normal.

2 days later though he starts acting weird. Stops asking to meet up, stops trying to make conversation, at this point I'm the only one making an effort. If I didn't text him he would spend the entire day without talking to me.

Last night I told him I wasn't happy about that and he flat out ignored me. We attended the same party, I'm pretty positive he saw me there multiple times and pretended he didn't know me. I dumped him via text this morning.
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Was I right to dump him?
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