Was I wrong for contacting ex girlfriend a month after breakup?

Ended things with this girl that I was seeing for 8 months. She's 19, I'm 24. I was her first boyfriend. She has anxiety and is reserved. She said I mistreated and hurt her by pressuring her sexually, disrespecting her, and not being honest. I told her I would distance myself so I wouldn't hurt her. I am now seeing this girl, but it's just casual. My ex saw me with her at a concert. I didn't talk to her but I did stare. I guess she was hurt because she then blocked me on Twitter. I still have her on Snap. So last Friday, I texted her, "hey how are you" She didn't respond. This was like 1 in the morning, and I just thought of her. She then posted a story on Snap, which included a selfie and that hurt. I then asked her if I should delete her number since she didn't respond. She still didn't respond. So the next day, I then told her again to tell me yes so I can delete it. Was I wrong for doing that? I feel like I pushed away her more.


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  • Yeah, I think you just put too much pressure on her. A month isn't that long after a breakup. Just give her some space and don't message her anymore. If she wants to talk, she'll message you.

    • It's actually going to be two months next week. I don't know what to do.

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    • Yes. Wait for her to message her. DO NOT message her before she does. I don't care if it's 2 months from now.

      You don't want to come across as the pushy ex who can't let go.

    • But i know she won't because of her anxiety. I miss her :(

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