No contact with ex. Back to square one?

I've done NC with my ex fiance for a while, with good results, and eventual agreements to fix our relationship several times. However, he will act out in cycles of pulling away and saying he doesn't want to try anymore and that he doesn't want to get hurt anymore, and then come back saying he is still in love with me and he wants to have a future together. I'm currently in one of his 'don't want to try anymore' stages and I am just wondering if I should restart NC at this point. I've tried to be supportive but also distant such as telling him things like "If you just don't want to talk for a while, I understand and I will hope you talk to me soon." And he will just shut down and get defensive and won't initiate anything with me until I back away and give him the cold shoulder... It's been really hard trying to be there for him and our relationship as I am 6 month pregnant with our first child and have been hormonal like crazy. Is this where NC would bring better results than trying to love him from a distance?


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  • I would say so, this is a cycle that will keep going unless broken, and it's an abusive one, Maybe not destroying your psyche or beating you up, But it'd unhealthy and self abusive.


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