Ex is hot and cold. Give me your opinion?

She broke up with me more than 3 months ago and said she needed space. I respected it and went straight into no contact. I think she expected me to chase but I didn't. She played a lot of mind games with me. She is usually hot and cold. Friendly one day then cold and bitter the next. I see her a lot as we go to the same gym. She has attempted to make me jealous and she always stares at me. It kinda bothers me quite a bit. But i always act indifferent

Two fridays ago, She puts her bag next to mine (she always does this). I was topless at the gym and she makes a comment saying i'm giving everyone a free show. I responded the show was only for her. She playfully told me she thought that it wasn't nice. Tried to talk to me after the gym class but I was busy with more workouts.

The following Tuesday, she comes to the gym, bag still next to mine. Ignores me completely. Looks as if I did something wrong. My friend that she had met when she was with me, comes into the gym and she greets him. I'm like wtf. I didn't say anything.

So I see her again on Thursday, calls me over and asks me why I don't say "hi" to her anymore. I'm like wtf again. Talks to me a little bit about the workout during the class and how to do it. But last week Friday, she was quite supportive of me as I have a fitness competition so she did watch me train with others. Thoughts?


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  • Walk away. As in don't contact her whatsoever. Let her come to you. Do not and I mean DO NOT chase her. You will lose her that way. Show no interest in her and that's when she will be thinking why isn't he messaging me.

    • You've done this? Why is she playing games?

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    • What if she contacts me at the gym? Like talks to me face to face? What do i do?

    • Then deal with it head on. Don't be rude...

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  • You got my fukn' head spinning trying to keep up. If you want to see where you stand disappear from radar for 1 to 2 weeks. Dont go to anywhere you see her. She'll either trying to track you down or just doesn't care? Or option #3, what you're doing now? Lol.

  • She's lost, completly lost. Try to have a small straight talk with her about all those mixed signals and to pull herself together.


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