How to get over Love nightmare?

As I already mentioned that my FB met my mom behind my back, told her many lies which he confessed about meeting after few days on which I ended up this relationship bcoz I definitely not like to be lied to and called a player or a liar + my mom became against him really badly after what she heard and I won't go against her... After what he done he said why she turned on him like that as he didn't say those things I found out later on. He literally blamed her then me for his own mistake and made us liars... Today I've e received voice message on which he threatened me after message he won't forgive me the night before and when mom heard it she threatened him that she'll destroy him if he do something to me... He has called her and she told him a couple of words... Now I'm in terrible moment because I didn't expect this from person I love and it's hard being away from him but can't do anything. How can I get over this?


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  • get a restraining order on his ass


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