How do you get over a break up?

I had to break up with someone I love. I just want to forget all about him now, but I can't. Speaking to him again is not an option and most social activities just get me upset.

How did you get over an epic love? What did you do, how long did it take, and what was the lesson learned for you?


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  • Time... let time be because that is all you really have time. Dont get me wrong, you could move on, but the memories will always be there. But that is what will make you stronger as time passes by little by little to a lot. Good luck with everything and keep your head up, no matter what.

  • When I realized she was not the girl for me, it hit and it hit hard. But I accepted it. It takes a long time and a lot out of you, but to accept it is to deal with the problem.


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