If your boyfriend of 3 years leaves you, but still calls you beautiful, will he come back?

I went a little crazy, and he left me. I asked him if he still loves me and he said "yes I do I just can't handle you beautiful."

Then he calls me beautiful again. I kept begging him to come back and he stopped answering. I called him and he answered out of his sleep. Do you think he will come back? We have been together 3 years. Why does he call me those sweet names still if he is done with me? Does he just want his ass kissed?


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  • He might have had enough, or believes that you won't change. He could still respect you and think you're a great girl, hence his nicknames for you. He could be trying to let you down easy in a sense, plus feelings don't just switch off, they take a bit of time to fade out so he could be dealing with that too since he said he still loves you. I have no idea if he's coming back, I think you'd really need him to see the reasons that he left you for aren't big factors any more for him to consider it.

    • I don't want to lose him. I love this man so much.

    • I'm sure you so, it's sad to lose someone, I hope it turns out well. In the end it will for sure, even if it's not with this one. Best of luck.

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  • 3 years is a long time. You can still love someone while understanding they are not the right person for you. I think that's probably where he is at :/

    • I was just talking to him on the phone and he was crying spilling his feelings. Is this a good sign? We love each other so much its crazy.

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  • who knows. Maybe if you say that you were wrong and you just can't live without him...

    • I did. Well he's sleeping but I'm sure he won't answer. But if I call him he will answer and act like he doesn't want to talk to me but then why answer?

    • I don't know for sure either.

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