I think he lied to me about his break up and I want to confront him about it?

There's this guy I met an year ago online, we started a 'thing' similar to a LDR that lasted for a month. He began falling for me and I stopped it because I was confused and didn't want to mess things up.
Fastforward a year later I contact him again ( don't know why, I just felt like it) and find out he has a steady job and a pretty serious girlfriend. At first we only talked to each other in a friendly, " haven't heard from you in so long" kind of way, but we still had that crazy sexual tension between us and things escalated quickly. I just about now realized what I had missed and how much I liked everything about him and continued texting him even though I knew it wasn't fair for his girlfriend. He started opening up to me telling me how things between them aren't the same and that he never really felt like he loved her, and one day just told me they broke up. I started feeling bad but he assured me it was due to various other reasons than me.
Now, the thing is I feel something off about this. He has a really tough job meaning he works very much, and has more free time only on weekends. When they were still dating, the girl would stay over on the weekends and I knew that because he wouldn't respond to my texts then.
Funny thing is, after he said they broke up, he still doesn't respond to my texts in weekends. Like during the week he would stay up till 3-4 am with me, and in the weekends he just vanishes. At first I didn't think much of it but then it clicked that he had done the same thing when he had this girl over.
Now the question is, should I bring it up? Is there something fishy happening? Do you think he lied to me about his break up?


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  • I am not sure what to say. He may be wrong, but then again, you did stay in touch despite knowing he has a girlfriend.

    • I know I'm no angel, and I did feel guilty about it at first, but seeing him wanting to keep in touch and then assuring me they broke up made me feel somewhat better about myself. However now I'm questioning his honesty and I feel bad both for his girlfriend and I.

    • I am not sure if that is the case. But i believe in karma. That is why, never start a relationship in bad terms, it will always end up badly.

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