Top signs he doesn't want you?

So guys what do you think the main things are that show you don't want/love/need a girl anymore?

And girls what things have guys done to do that make you think he doesn't want you...

(and no obvious ones like cheating )


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  • don t complment her as much

    don t do as many nic things

    don t act the same like not doing the things you normally would

    few I think :D


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  • When a person does things that they know will annoy you.

    When they don't laugh at your jokes anymore.

    When they feel embarrassed to be around you.

    When they the little things you do annoy them in extreme ways.

    When they avoid all physical contact. Especially kissing.

    When they don't ask you about your life anymore

    And when they don't tell you about their life anymore.

    They don't smile the same way they use to when you first walked in a room.

    I could keep going Ha


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