Taking my ex to court for full custody of our kids?

My ex and I were never married. We were together for 10 years and all he did was cheat on me behind my back. I wanted to get married he said no because he doesn't believe in marriage. We lived in a small apartment and I spoke to him about getting a house since its two children and us. He said no. Money wasn't an issue but he liked us looking and living as if we were poor to get pity from his family. Whatever I dealt with everything because i loved this man. I missed all the red flags because my love for this man blinded me. I was in an abusive relationship. It was my fault he hit me It was my fault when he was in trouble at work so that would justify his emotional and mental abuse on me along with the physical. We we're never intimate. My paychecks were taken away every week from me along with receipts to prove how much I spent and was giving him. He gave me a 20 dollar weekly budget which was only enough to get gas to go to work and home nowhere else. So after 10 years I learned that this wasn't normal that I was in an abusive relationship. So I took my clothes and children and left. I wasn't allowed to take anything with me even though i paid 50 percent of everything. We worked out a schedule so he can see both of his girls but Im not allowed to go to court for child support. He said he would give me half if i have receipts but he hardly pays me back. At this point I've been away from him to know the effects he's had on me and my girls. He was abusive to our children as well and when he spends time with them now on his days the girls cry because they don't want to be there. And he put them in situations that were not safe. He just sits at home with them not paying any attention. He scared and controlled me not going through the court systems to get anything on paper and collect child support. Now I am ready to get everything taken care of properly. However, I'm afraid he's going to hurt me or our children because he loves his money more than he ever loved us.


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  • He should suffer. the guy is pure asshole, When people say do good to those and receive good back. punish him and make him realise where he went wrong. you and your kids deserve a good life.

  • You should suffer

    • Really why so?

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    • He is a asshole
      But you could have dune better

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