How can he feel guilty if he was laughing while making fun of me?

He said years later he feels guilty for everything he did, but I remember him laughing while he was belittling me in front of others and hurting me?

im confused why now does he feel guilty and why now is he apologising? To me it's not enough to say sorry I just want him to leave me alone for good?
I was crying and begging him to stop it, I remember all this clearly, why is he feeling guilty now years later? has he not hurt enough than to come back into my life bringing up those memories?


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  • Life is strange. When one is young with hot blood, one doesn't care for for others opinions. but it's a full circle ! As you experience life , you start talking to yourself and what pinches your soul , you start to develop apologies for it. Apologising, doesn't necessarily mean trying to undo your acts, it just is a tool to help your own wretched soul to think it's been pardoned. Life still has to be lived with or without that wretched soul , with same tendencies in him or her, so think twice before you mistake that apology as being for you or the pain it caused you. I have apologised to so many people for what I did to them when I was a young gun, not to go back into their lives , but to reduce the pain of my existence. I am an atheist. God doesn't exist for me. There may be more of my kinds around. Please weigh the actions more than words before you decide to let someone give a chance again to cause potential emotional damage to you again. While I sincerely hope you be happy and stay healthy too !

    • A young man to means a man before 25 years old, he was 28 at time of the nastiness, he should of somewhat matured rather than acting a boy. I'd understand if he was a teenager, if have forgiven that as we were all young and done stupid things but he wasn't he was a grown man. I can't forgive that

    • Horses and men never think they're old. stay shining and smiling

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  • Because he's matured and now realizes what an ass he's been.
    He's acknowledging that he was wrong.

    What you do with that is up to you.

  • unless you're religious, screw him. what's done is done, he hurt your feelings, saying sorry should not get rid of what he did

    i think

  • I'm so sorry that he did that to you

  • Because he considers his past actions to be wrong.
    Having been in a similar situation, I say you tell him to go fuck himself and leave.

    • His actions were that of a rotton person, no better than a bully. I just want to forgot it all

    • Best way to do that is to remove the person causing those memories to resurface from your life.

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