Why is he still trying to talk to me?

I had feelings for a friend but I was in a relationship. I ended my relationship because I realized i was having feelings for other men and he deserved better. My friend started talking to me once I became single, however he was not single. He said he thought about me for months and missed me. (We had stopped talking). Says that he is only with his girlfriend because he rushed into things to quick and planned on breaking up. He breaks up with her. I give him so space, eventually we start hanging out and things are okay, honestly he didn't seem as into me as before but I figured he was still going through breakup stuff so we took it slow and not be serious. He says he had feelings for me and talks to me every day. Then what do you know, a couple months later, his ex posts a picture saying they are back together. I confront him super angry because just a week early I asked him if he wanted more and he said he had feelings but wanted to be single. He appologizes saying he was going to tell me. I was too furious to even talk to him. Well I've calmed down and talked to him. He said he didn't lie, that he does have feelings for me and cares about me a lot but felt I had a lot of things I needed to take care of since my last relationship was 9 years long. But he said he also has realized he had feelings for her. I'm very mad and confused. I basically told him I don't think I could ever be his lover again since he basically chose someone else over me. He said we could still be friends but it would have to be a secret since his girlfriend knows we have a history. I told him that was stupid and I don't want to be his backup plan but he get upset whenever I accuse him of this. Says that he genuinely cares about me. But I can't see how if he literally chose another woman over me. I told him I would always be there as a friend but I will never be his lover again. I don't understand what happened.


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  • Wow what a snake, it definitely sounds like he's trying to keep you around as a back up plan or something. Personally I'd just cut him out of your life and block him from everything.


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